This is a tutorial for XRP holders in ELLIPAL wallet that want to claim the Spark token airdrop, before we jump to it, please make sure you have learned some of the related articles about what is Spark token and when will you receive the Spark token airdrop, you can also check this link to understand:

Before You Start:

Make sure you have already updated your ELLIPAL App and ELLIPAL Cold Wallet to the latest version just before the air-drop. Read the version description to make sure that the new version you are downloading supports the air-drop. …

There is a debate that open/close source of the crypto wallet will impact the security on the web. Here we will explain a bit about wallet security. Open-source is indeed useful for users and experts to perform audits and do reviews. However, open-source doesn’t lead to safer solutions naturally.

Occasionally, open-source can be cracked easily by hackers because the resources, codes, and utilities are readily available. There are many vulnerabilities on open source products such as the Trezor, the most famous open-source hardware wallet. Ref 1. Unfixable Seed Extraction on Trezor — A practical and reliable attack. Ref 2. …

It is just the first month of 2020, and we have already seen significant movements in the Bitcoin market. The community is also looking more active recently, and the signs have been excellent. We expect great things to happen in 2020 in the crypto market, and get ready for any opportunities to come. We hope ELLIPAL users are as excited as us for the rest of crypto 2020 and keep their coins secure inside the ELLIPAL Titan cold wallet.

Arriving soon will be the famous Spring Festival, AKA Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year. Despite the many names it…

Not long ago, another well know hardware wallet got hacked under test conditions, and it wasn’t the first one this year either. Among all these hacks on the famous hardware wallets, there is one thing in common. The similarity is that hackers must first have physical access to the device for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is within reason to get your coins stolen if you happen to lose your hardware wallet and not find out about it until it is too late.

Your hardware wallet might end up here

Physical access is usually required to hack a hardware wallet because the first step is…

ELLIPAL launched its first cold wallet in 2018 and instantly became the leading wave in the new generation hardware wallet category. Thanks to ELLIPAL’s unique security model and ease of use, it attracted a lot of attention from users and other hardware wallet manufacturers alike. Currently, ELLIPAL’s second model, the ELLIPAL Titan, is making its mark in becoming the best mobile-based and air-gapped cold wallet solution.

Upon the release of our original model — the ELLIPAL EC01 attracted the attention of Ledger, who was interested in ELLIPAL’s security model. Ledger performed a security test on the ELLIPAL EC01 and activated…

Over the year, ELLIPAL has been gathering a noteworthy amount of reviews from all over the world. Whether it will be articles like on and Altcoinbuzz or Youtube reviews like the ones by Rex Kneisley, CryptoViewing or Crypto Tips, they are all amazing reviews.

Every reviewer aims to be the most helpful and unique in their review and we have seen a dozen amazing ones. However, one review has exceeded our expectations.

A Youtuber in the name of CryptoSecret from Malaysia had been reviewing the Ellipal since one year ago when ELLIPAL EC01 (original) got released. …

Trustless Trust is a term widely used to describe blockchain.

When something is described as “Trustless”, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be trusted, on the contrary, it screams security. It refers to a state when you don’t have to trust a particular party, which could be arbitrarily malicious. Instead, you trust a system or technology that is fully verifiable, traceable and isn’t owned by anyone.

For example, when you make a purchase online, you’ll have to trust the payment provider to correctly process your payments. On the other hand, you can also send your payment through the blockchain. In this case, many computers, through complex algorithms, help verify your…

Cold Wallet — Hot Vegas

October 28–29th 2019, Las Vegas.

Around this time last year, the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet 2.0 that has just been released a month before, started its support for Litecoin. Then, ELLIPAL became the first fully air-gapped hardware wallet with mobile support that Litecoin users could securely store their Litecoin. With our QR code technology, Litecoin users can trade worry-free knowing that their private keys will never touch the internet.

Not long after the support for Litecoin was implemented, ELLIPAL grew closer to the Litecoin community through a lot of help from the Litecoin East Coast team and as one thing led to another, ELLIPAL became a…

Earlier this year, the ELLIPAL team found out that our cold wallet users range from as young as 7 to 70 years old. The ELLIPAL Cold Wallet is suitable for everyone who wishes to keep their crypto secure. This also includes no other than CJ Sapong, American MLS soccer league star who plays the number 9 role for the famous Chicago Fire.

CJ Sapong playing for Chicago Fire

Through our partner, Cornerstone Global Management, we got to know CJ has been looking for a cold wallet. We did not hesitate and recommended him the ELLIPAL in which he became a satisfied user ever since.

ELLIPAL users should have seen the new design of the Finance page on the ELLIPAL App for our version 2.3 update. This is a development ELLIPAL is trying to give to our users by making ELLIPAL a lot more than just a wallet.

Earn Interest with ELLIPAL

Firstly, we will take a look at our newest and proud feature, Earning. In Earning, we allow users to purchase finance products at high annualized rates. Products can be bought straight from your ELLIPAL wallet and signed by the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet. Once it reaches the value date, it will start earning interest. We also provide the…

ELLIPAL — The Cold Wallet

Highest security for your assets, yet incredibly simple. ELLIPAL hardware wallet works with mobile phone and is requires no connection —

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