ELLIPAL at Litecoin Summit 2019

October 28–29th 2019, Las Vegas.

Around this time last year, the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet 2.0 that has just been released a month before, started its support for Litecoin. Then, ELLIPAL became the first fully air-gapped hardware wallet with mobile support that Litecoin users could securely store their Litecoin. With our QR code technology, Litecoin users can trade worry-free knowing that their private keys will never touch the internet.

Not long after the support for Litecoin was implemented, ELLIPAL grew closer to the Litecoin community through a lot of help from the Litecoin East Coast team and as one thing led to another, ELLIPAL became a partner of the Litecoin Foundation. Finally, after the one year journey, we got to attend the Litecoin Summit!

The team had a great time when we were there. We got to meet many of our existing users and made a lot of new users. We got to meet many people from the Litecoin East Coast team as well as people from the Litecoin Foundation themselves. Many crypto influencers and speakers were also at our booth to help themselves to their own ELLIPAL Titan and ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics. Last but not least, our team got to finally meet Mr. Charlie Lee himself and gifted him with an ELLIPAL Titan.

Enjoy the photos below:

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