ELLIPAL Finance — Are you ready to Earn with ELLIPAL?

ELLIPAL users should have seen the new design of the Finance page on the ELLIPAL App for our version 2.3 update. This is a development ELLIPAL is trying to give to our users by making ELLIPAL a lot more than just a wallet.

Earn Interest with ELLIPAL

Firstly, we will take a look at our newest and proud feature, Earning. In Earning, we allow users to purchase finance products at high annualized rates. Products can be bought straight from your ELLIPAL wallet and signed by the ELLIPAL Cold Wallet. Once it reaches the value date, it will start earning interest. We also provide the option to automatically accumulate interest by re-investing the principle. If this option is not selected, principle will automatically be sent back to the payment address. Only USDT investment is supported right now but more products and choices will be added in the future.

We hope the Earning function can give the users an additional option to safely and wisely invest their assets!

Here are the two products available currently. Every new users to this function can purchase 15 days investment with 7% annualized income. For a longer term option, a 90 days with 10% annualized income is available.

Exchange with ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL users can convert their coins to any supported currency right on the ELLIPAL without needing to transfer to an online exchange. Converting coins on the ELLIPAL is both quick and secure.

Although this is a pre-existing feature in the ELLIPAL App, we have improved its effectiveness many folds. ELLIPAL has partnered up with both Changelly and SWFT to bring you a faster conversion than before. The best rates, either from Changelly or SWFT, will also be selected for the users.

Catch the latest pump with this function!

Join Binance DEX with ELLIPAL

ELLIPAL allows users to start using Binance DEX right away when they open a BNB account on ELLIPAL.

With Binance DEX, users can freely trade all BEP tokens and store them inside the ELLIPAL just like you would on Binance.

These functions are all available for all ELLIPAL wallet users. You can download the ELLIPAL App here:

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To backup all of your cryptocurrency securely, free of worry, check out the ELLIPAL Metal Mnemonics:

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