ELLIPAL Survives Being Driven Over By a Car, Twice

Over the year, ELLIPAL has been gathering a noteworthy amount of reviews from all over the world. Whether it will be articles like on Bitcoin.com and Altcoinbuzz or Youtube reviews like the ones by Rex Kneisley, CryptoViewing or Crypto Tips, they are all amazing reviews.

Every reviewer aims to be the most helpful and unique in their review and we have seen a dozen amazing ones. However, one review has exceeded our expectations.

A Youtuber in the name of CryptoSecret from Malaysia had been reviewing the Ellipal since one year ago when ELLIPAL EC01 (original) got released. When the ELLIPAL Titan arrived, he contacted us again for a chance to review our newest flagship product.

ELLIPAL Titan has been known to be very strong and we are proud of its anti-tamper capabilities. At the beginning of CryptoSecret’s video, he went over how ELLIPAL Titan is air-gapped, easy to use and has a strong body. He mentioned wanting to test how strong it is. We always welcome any tests so this wasn’t an issue. However, something very unexpected happened. CryptoSecret got in his car and drove over the ELLIPAL Titan!


As you can see, after two attempts on both sides, the ELLIPAL Titan almost had no damage no it. It works perfectly! Although the video is humorous, Mr. CryptoSecret illustrates perfectly the durability of the ELLIPAL Titan. Although the video is in Mandarin, we still laughed with him.

I don’t believe it!

— — — —

Being strong is just another feature of the ELLIPAL Titan. The device as completely no components or ports capable of connecting it to other devices. It is what you call a full air-gapped device that can protect you from any online attacks. Secondly, it both has anti-disassemble and anti-tamper capabilities, making sure to stop any physical/supply chain attacks in its path. Last but not least, it’s incredibly easy to use. With your mobile, you can easily set up, transact, exchange, and invest, all on the ELLIPAL Titan.

Buy the ELLIPAL Titan:

Highest security for your assets, yet incredibly simple. ELLIPAL hardware wallet works with mobile phone and is requires no connection — https://www.ellipal.com

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