The Dangers of Physical Attacks on Your Hardware Wallet

Not long ago, another well know hardware wallet got hacked under test conditions, and it wasn’t the first one this year either. Among all these hacks on the famous hardware wallets, there is one thing in common. The similarity is that hackers must first have physical access to the device for a considerable amount of time. Therefore, it is within reason to get your coins stolen if you happen to lose your hardware wallet and not find out about it until it is too late.

Your hardware wallet might end up here

Physical access is usually required to hack a hardware wallet because the first step is to modify the device. A few modifications, such as connecting it to an external component, can allow hackers to attempt decrypting the password or extracting the private key. Hackers can also install remote-controlled components or fake firmware to your hardware wallet and then give it to you. Such an attack can let hackers assess your funds without even needing physical access again.

Physical attacks can happen anytime along the lifetime of the hardware wallet, whether it is at the distributor center or the safety of your house. Every hardware wallet owner needs to be mindful of this weakness and not carelessly let their hardware wallet go out of sight. More importantly, always keep a back up to help you transfer your assets out before hackers get their hands on it.

ELLIPAL’s Unique Solution Against Physical Attacks

1) Anti-Tamper

2) Anti-Disassembly

3) Easy to recover

ELLIPAL has taken extra steps to not only protect our users against remote attacks but also physical attacks. As physical attacks are the leading cause of all hacks, ELLIPAL’s solution can allow users to feel more secure whenever they are not with their hardware wallets.

To learn more about the ELLIPAL Titan, follow the link below:

Highest security for your assets, yet incredibly simple. ELLIPAL hardware wallet works with mobile phone and is requires no connection —

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