Welcome, MLS Chicago Fire Professional Soccer Player, CJ Sapong to the ELLIPAL Family

Earlier this year, the ELLIPAL team found out that our cold wallet users range from as young as 7 to 70 years old. The ELLIPAL Cold Wallet is suitable for everyone who wishes to keep their crypto secure. This also includes no other than CJ Sapong, American MLS soccer league star who plays the number 9 role for the famous Chicago Fire.

CJ Sapong playing for Chicago Fire

Through our partner, Cornerstone Global Management, we got to know CJ has been looking for a cold wallet. We did not hesitate and recommended him the ELLIPAL in which he became a satisfied user ever since.

From CJ Sapong’s Twitter

Currently, CJ is the first professional athlete to participate in our partner’s revolutionary CP3 (Crypto Pay & Pension Plan) employee pay program. This program will allow CJ to get paid his MLS wages in the cryptocurrency of choice instead of fiat and also in the portion he chooses. As CJ is already an active investor and advocator for cryptocurrency for a long time, the CP3 program is perfect for CJ.

CJ believes that his involvement in CP3 is a game changer for professional athletes, and will perhaps also open the door for those wanting to make a difference in the world through their passions both on and off the field.

ELLIPAL, as the preferred hot/cold wallet partner of Cornerstone Global Management, will do our best to support our partner by providing the most secure cold wallet solution for CP3 participants to hold their coins. Portion of participants’ wages will automatically be turned into cryptocurrency and sent directly to the ELLIPAL cold wallet directly for safe keeping.


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